Brian Pond

Business Software Consulting

It takes a village.

Just because I'm an independent consultant, doesn't mean I work alone. I've had help from many people, businesses, and fellow developers.

Below you'll find Salutes and Website Attributions.


I've had the pleasure of working with some excellent people and companies.  Here are a few of the best !

Marcus Poehls
Creator of Superchargejs. Fellow Hapi.js enthusiast, and co-owner of Future Studio.
Marcus is industrious, clever, and really great to work with.

The best Dynamics AX consulting firm on the planet. Accept no substitutes. I've worked with them since 2007. Fantastic people.

Frappe Technologies
Maintainers of ERPNext, the Frappe framework, and many other apps.
Developers. Dreamers.
They've contributed vast amounts of time, energy, and code to ERPNext.

Border Construction Specialties
My oldest customer. No one knows more about concrete, brick, and construction materials. We spent 10 years working on Dynamics AX together.

Flavio Copes
Blogger. Developer. Computer Engineer. Flavio inspires me with his amazing writing, handbooks, and commitment to sharing.

Website Attributions

Thanks to the following individuals and companies for helping make this website possible; you rock!

  • Marcus Poehls - Creator of Supercharge: the server framework used to scaffold and run this website.
  • Hapi.js - Created by Eran Hammer, this Node.js framework is awesome. It powers this site, and many other apps I've built.
  • Bulma - CSS framework, with some incredibly useful components and tools.
  • Omnibus-Type - Open source typography. Every font on this website is Omnibus-Type. Main body text is Chivo, and larger headers are Manuale.
  • and DuckDuckGo - For enabling web searching with Privacy. I simply cannot imagine working without them.
  • Let's Encrypt - Free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. Thank you for the https!
  • - If you've ever worked with HTML/CSS, you've likely used this site. Often.
  • Feather Icons - Open source icons and SVG images you can use everywhere.
  • Clipboard photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  • Laptop vector and other photos by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay